YuFourIA for Industry 4.0

YuDash offers wireless Industry 4.0 solution termed as YuFourIA. Through a variety of modular IOT devices and integrated software platform, YuFourIA enables digital transformation of manufacturing processes. With choice of web-based and on-premise solutions, it offers visualization tools, analytics and actionable insights. Flexible and budget friendly solution helps entrepreneurs kickstart their imperative Industry 4.0 journey.

Key Features

Truly Wireless

  • With almost nil-wiring on factory- floor, YuFourIA is a truly wireless solution.
  • The solution is leaps ahead of “Wired IOT gateway” concept.
  • Latest wireless technologies are utilized for a stable, seamless and secure network.

Optimal Pricing

  • Budget friendly solution for diverse requirements.
  • Option for “pay as you go”, without making huge initial investment.
  • OStart your Industry 4.0 journey in small steps and scale up gradually.

Choice of Web-based and On-Premise Solution

  • YuFourIA Web (Yu-Web) : Integrated web-based platform, customized for your organization.
    The machines on floor communicate with Yu-Web seamlessly.
  • YuFourIA On-Premise (Yu-OP) : Customized On-Premise solution without using internet or cloud
    space. All information remains on in-house server, allaying potential cyber security concerns.

Visualization, Analytics and Actionable Insights

  • Dashboards : Real-time dashboards depicting various manufacturing processes.
  • Reports : Useful and customized analytical reports for actionable insights.
  • Alerts : Immediate alerts in case something is wrong.

ERP integration

  • YuFourIA comprises of customizable APIs for integration with existing ERP.
  • Our solution works in the background and augments your existing system by providing key insights.

YuFi : Truly Wireless IOT Devices

YuDash designs and develops IOT devices in house. The family of devices is termed YuFi. YuFi devices connect physical assets with their digital twins. All devices are configurable and completely wireless!

  • Seamless Wireless M2M (Machine To Machine) communication
  • Real-time process parameters displayed on YuFi devices deployed on floor
  • Customized Edge Computing for critical operations
  • YuFi devices support various network protocols

ThingsBoard: IOT Software Platform

YuDash is an authorized reseller of ThingsBoard in India. ThingsBoard is an open-source IOT platform for device management, data collection, processing and visualization. Please contact us for licensing, procurement and support for dedicated hosting.

YuGeni : AI engine for manufacturing

YuDash plans to develop integrated AI (Artifical Intelligence) engine. It will comprise of a suite of algorithms,trained on real-time data for a given manufacturing process. Over a period of time, system will acquire process intelligence through machine learning. AI Engine will enhance product quality, productivity and predict potential failures in manufacturing.